Monday, July 14, 2014

My next section starts August 13th!

I'll be doing the longest section ever come August 13th.  288 miles. Leaving Wind River Road in Washington State, where I left off last year, I'll be passing Whites Pass and Snoqualamie Pass. Ending at Stevens Pass.

I have a hiking partner.  An experienced hiker from Lake Tahoe.  She's on the JMT right now and will join me for this section.

I follow fairly closely a Paleo Diet on and off the trail. It's no sugar and no grains. Real food. Harder on the trail but I've refined it over the years. I'm pleased to say I'm being sponsored by SeaBear for my foil packs of Salmon this year.  This is the very best wild caught fish available and great trail food.  Please check them out. My trail mix is Macadamia nuts grown right here in San Diego from Russell Family farms. Very tasty and more calories per ounce than any tree nuts.

See you on the trail,
Dana Law