Sunday, July 19, 2009

The next section.

Hello friends and hikers.

The next segment on the PCT for me begins August 15th at Echo Lake. Number 24 since Campo. I have two weeks to make it to Belden, Ca, 192 miles! My biggest segment yet. For the first time I'll be flying to an airport to hike a section. I'm getting picked up in Oakland by Rachel Ginsburg, friend, hiker and trail angel. (She puts in another whole week this year at Sierra City helping through hikers.) New friend and hiker Sheila O' Rourke will pick us up at the end.

Trying to figure out best places for resupply. Lot's of choices but don't want to wait a day for a post office to open.

Sad news is Bill Redman my best hiking buddy, advisor and sage will pass on the hike this year. He had knee surgery and is progressing well but no hiking per the doctor for nine months. Good news is Paul Freiman (Capt. Bivy) will join me. He has an amazing knowledge of the trail with a can do attitude.. He also has huge hiking experience. Bagged a ton of peaks too. Looking forward to getting to know him better.

We may make a push for Chester or Old Station if things go well. We'll see.
Let me know about your plans for summer adventures.