Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Mind to Mind

 Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen.  I AM David Winston and I'm very happy to be here. Please turn your chairs towards me and get comfortable. It will make our time together even better. I’ve got to tell you something. I’m very excited to be here to demonstrate the untapped powers of the human mind. I'll tell you why? When I woke up this morning I had a good feeling about the show tonight, I felt that things would go extremely well, and I must tell you, now that I’m here, I’m sure of it. Why? Because I'm feeling some powerful personalities, thoughts and energy in this room. If you don’t know each other now, you certainly will when I am done. If you think you know each other you may be surprised. I’m David Winston: A Mindreader. A Mentalist. The shortest distance between two minds. I've been reading and entertaining minds for over 30 years. Now, I'm not psychic. Or psychopathic as some people think. I'm as psychic as a coffee pot but I am student of human nature. I use the five senses to create the sixth sense. The power of the human mind to connect with each other.  Now I'm not here to discuss stolen money or illicit relationships, though some of you would love that. I'm not going to embarrass or make anyone uncomfortable. This is an interactive show. I will be asking for your help in the experiments which I promise you will enjoy. It seems tonight is a night for the unexpected. Because of the energy in this room, I’m going to do something that I generally save for later in the show. I’m going to walk among you. I’m going to tell you what I believe I know about you right now. (Leave stage)  

GUN - As a girl, you did not like your first name. You may have asked your parents and friends to call you something else for a while. You're fine with it now.
SHOE - I see you making a move. Selling or buying a house? Someone close to you perhaps? 
TREE – No you won’t win the lottery though I see money all around you. It’s just out of reach at the moment but it's coming soon.
DOOR - As a boy, you wanted to run away. And, you may have done it, briefly. But you're back!
HIVE -I see a change in position at your work or in your career. Some new training ahead that results in more money, a better position. Wondering if your present work is the best for you. 
STICKS - I see an illness in your friends or family that has been giving you some concern - has you worried. Do you know what I mean? 
HEAVEN - When will I retire? I know you're thinking about it. Sooner than you think perhaps
GATE - I have a feeling about your parents. Are there some worries for them? How are they doing?
WINE - I see a terrifying incident in water as a child. Something you'll never ever forget. 
HEN -More grandchildren? Maybe the question is will she get pregnant again?
DEVON - A man broke your heart in a big way in the past. We're not all like that.  Your present relationship is a good one.
SHELF - I see some relationship worries or issues for someone close and they are improving.
CANTEEN - I "feel" that exercise or athletics has been a big part of your life. I also see that you may have suffered an injury from it in the past.
FIGURINE - By the end of the year, you’ll find a valuable family memento you thought you’d lost.
SING SING - You might be worried about someone you know who's been in legal trouble or trouble with the law. 
SWEET SIXTEEN - Most of your worries are behind you.
If it hasn't happened I feel it will so shortly.
Memory Palace
You analyze everything. You're pragmatic. You are not a risk-taker.  You investigate, calculate, and then act. You are skeptical of everything. You make decisions based on the facts—someone who is compelled by their own volition. You don’t take advice from mind readers and psychic entertainers at special events. Sprinkler Panel
You tend to be a giver rather than a taker. You have a big heart, but everybody knows that. You are near exhaustion at times because you give much more than you receive. You find it hard to say no to others. There was a time when your heart made decisions for your head. That time has passed.  Carrying Big Heart
You have experienced a dark tragedy in the past; a dark shadow that hovered around you for a long time. Strong negative energy that brought you down. That time is over. The future is bright. Dark Cloud
I see an emotional break in the past. A disagreement between you and a loved one or a friend. Someone close that has never been resolved. I see reconciliation in the near future. Garage Door
You're a social person but from time to time, you need to be alone. You've often felt you don't fit in.  Stop worrying about what other people think of you. Let idle gossip and small talk fall upon deaf ears. Lamp
The child you are most concerned about will surprise you the most pleasantly in the future. Wine Rack
You have empathy for nature and growing things.  Summer is your favorite season.  Will you have a garden this year or just head for the beach? Plants on the counter.
I see a legal or financial worry that is resolved in your favor soon. I see money around you. Unfortunately, it is just out of reach at the moment. Sink
You find it very difficult to relax. You're always doing something. Always working. You never stop moving. You don't fall asleep at night. You pass out. Stove burner
I see modest beginnings. I would not say humble. That is not exactly right but you’ve come a very long way in your life through hard work. Old-Timey Fridge
You have a friend or relative who is troubled right now. You have been of great comfort to them. Coffee Maker
You have a great deal of self-doubt.  You can be very critical of yourself. You don't blame others. It is the reason you are and will be successful in life. Hiding in the Pantry.
Your word is your bond. If you say it, it is true. If you say it, it will be done. You are dependable and honest. Read Psalm 15 in the bible. It describes you. Printer 
When you were younger, you had a major talent you weren't able to develop fully. Was it musical, artistic, or athletic? Have you been able to enjoy this passion as an adult?
You don't want to depend on a man for money or security. You're an independent person.  Change Bucket
You are sentimental and a bit old-fashioned.  A strong moral code. You sometimes find the modern world vulgar and offensive. You could have lived in a previous era. As long as you had the Hallmark Channel. TV
You found your soulmate. Not just a love in your life but a friendship. He has one personality quirk that drives you nuts but your relationship is secure. Fireplace
You’re intuitive. A bit psychic. You’ll think of someone and then hear from them soon after. Within the next month, you will receive an unexpected contact from someone, you haven't heard from in quite a while. Perhaps a friend, a distant relative. Face to Face, not Facebook. Mirror
I see a religious, moral, or spiritual foundation. Was that from your family or did you develop that yourself as an adult? Shower
You are not the type to settle for second best, are you? You are a bit of a perfectionist which can be stressful.  Ironing Board
You have a desire to return to the past. To start over. To make better decisions and set a better path. You have some regrets about the way things have turned out. I can definitely say that you have succeeded in life and are surrounded by love.

I must tell you it is much easier to fall in love than to get out of it.
Within the next month, you will receive an unexpected contact from someone you haven’t heard from in quite a while.
Large Group: Who here got married in Las Vegas?
You worry too much. Most of the things you worry about will never happen, but you are prepared for any danger to you and your family.
I sense someone here has lost a loved one recently or someone they care for is very ill.
Image Duplication. Oh, this is GREAT! I’m getting a lot of thoughts and some questions. This is wonderful! There is something about this gentleman. Sir, what is your name? I sensed that! Well, _____ let me tell you, you’ve been sending off tremendous energy. You may not realize it, but YOU have intuitive powers. Now we all do, but yours are exceptionally strong. If you take nothing else away from our time together, take this: We all have instincts and gut feelings. Learn to trust your instincts, believe in them. It’s been my experience that my first reactions, gut impressions, and feelings are right most of the time. It’s called intuition. Now I'm not here to embarrass you. With your permission please join me on stage to show your telepathic ability. Come on, let’s let _____ know we appreciate his help. "Now, you had no idea you'd be participating up here tonight, correct? I'll hold this for you. Now, _____, I want you to draw a simple picture inside this circle. Draw a simple symbol or shape. It could be geometric. A square or rectangle. Make it something that represents a hobby, interest, profession, or passion of yours. Something meaningful to you. You don't have to be an artist. Something this group would all recognize. I don’t want to see it yet, but I want you to take one last look at what you drew. Now place this against your massive and manly chest. I’ll focus my thoughts. You do the same…. I’m having a little trouble. Please grab my wrist with your free hand and we'll make a direct connection. We call it intuitive intimacy. Statistically, a small percentage of men enjoy this. And, it's legal now. If you stare at someone long enough you will fall in love with them. Good, I see what you’ve been thinking. (Reveal Image) Let me tell you more about Bill. 

Book Test - ATERNSOIL I would like to try an experiment.  It is amazing what we can learn about a person by focusing on them. You can almost read their mind.  But you need their help. It takes two to be telepathic. They need to be open.  I can show you how to do this.  Let’s raise the bar a little.  I need a reader, someone who loves words.  People who love to read are good at focusing their thoughts.  A person who enjoys Scrabble or crosswords for example. You are the one. What is your name? I’m going to ask you to focus in a moment on a specific word.  I have a book that has thousands of words and phrases.  Don’t pick a word yet.  I don’t want it to be too easy.  Two or three letters - too easy!  Four letters – watch your language! This is a family/corporate event. Pick something with eight, nine, ten or twelve letters. The longest word you can find. Something long and difficult. Something with both vowels and consonants. Please open the book to any page.  Put your finger under that word with the book open and keep it there.  Now, is this a long word? We need a challenge here. See the word as a whole, then break it down and see every letter in order. Focus on the letters and open your mind.  "Relax, Breathe Deeply. Concentrate please. There's an A in the word isn't there? We see a T, correct?"

Cinema Verite. I have some posters of TV and films on the table. I'd like one of you to pick one up and take it back to your seat. Pick one of the movies or TV shows that resonate with you and study it. Take a mental picture. You've studied the show. Perhaps watched it in the past. Now turn it over and you'll see a list of programs. Perhaps we can hear your choice if you read it out loud. I'm going to try to hear your movies and TV shows through your voice. This is an aural experience. Please start reading the films on the back in a loud clear voice. Now please turn it over. There is a list of movies on the back. This is an "aural" experiment. (Cup my ear) Please slowly read in a loud clear voice the titles on the back. I'll try to "hear" your choice of movie.

Psychometry Bags. Some people claim I’m psychic. That is not true. Unlike the people that think I'm extremely good-looking. I believe that I have an aptitude for something we all can do. Being sensitive and intuitive to others. I started doing readings as a child. I was and still tremendously interested in people. By the time I was eight years old I was telling people what I felt and thought about them. I found I had an aptitude for understanding others. I didn’t know it then but it was the beginning of my life as an intuitive person. Perhaps at this point, some of you would like a reading. Psychometry is the vibrations of personal objects, whether they are animal, mineral, or vegetable after a short time in your possession have the energy, vitality, and perhaps character and personality of the owner. I would like some people to pick a personal item, right now, something that fits in their hand, perhaps something nostalgic, something that will allow me to tell your story. Something you have in your pocket, purse, or on your body. It could be jewelry, a watch, a nail file, a hairpin, bracelet, necklace, ring, earring, compact, lipstick, coins, a business card, keys, a clean tissue. even a hundred dollar bill (The larger denominations have the best vibrations.) I promise to return everything within a fortnight. It should be small enough to put in your hand and close it. Now don’t show it to your neighbor or me just yet. Hold your hand up high if you wish to participate.
In the beginning, I said I would answer some questions. I'd like to close my show with this. I have pieces of paper and some pens. There are many questions here in the audience tonight. Many thoughts. It’s time to answer them. You can write a question about children,  grandchildren, relationships, your career, worries, money, making the right decision, travel, etc.  Please write a question that has emotional importance to you. Something you care about or about someone you care about. I am not a mind reader. I am a thought-reader. Handwriting is brainwriting. If people focus their thoughts sometimes I can sense the gist or meaning. Don’t ask me something you know, but something you’d like to know. Questions such as what do I do for a living? How old am I? What city was I born in? Who will win the game? How many husbands have I had?  Too many!  How many people work in my office. The answer is about half of them? I can’t predict the future, but sometimes the past and present can tell me the direction you should go. Seneca, the Stoic Philosopher, said, "our plans for the future descend from the past." Print your question. Sign your name. The slants, the loops, and the whorls in handwriting tell a lot about a person. Please fold the paper in half once. I don’t want to see it just yet. 

For Vanna – Please don't peek into the slips of paper. I didn't peek until I was 18. This is well below your skill set. Unfortunately, there is no money in this for you. I didn’t ask you to help me just because you’re very attractive.  Do relax. I want you to know I only need you for your mind. You have questions too. You are doing a great job. Have you done this before? In a past life? You really do have a flair for this.

Common Q&A questions:
Daughter’s relationship. Will she marry again? Is she really looking?
How is my husband’s health?  Will my husband’s health improve? Will my daughter’s health improve? Follow the Doctors dictates. I'm optimistic.
Will my new business succeed? Will I be successful with my new venture?  Deal succeed? Plan work?
Should I change jobs or stay where I am at?
When will I retire? A little bit longer than you'd like. Financial security is the issue. You'll have it. An extra year.
Will my son/daughter find a good job? Tell them to take that class, that course, that certification for their next job.
Will we reconcile with the children?  They haven’t grown up yet. Selfishly thinking only of themselves. One day they will look to their family for help and you will be there.
More grandchildren? What sex will the grandchild be? No one knows, yet. Unless you've checked.
What will happen to my granddaughter? She's been in a bad place with some people you don't like. She still hasn't grown up. She will mature, she will be better, but hang on tight!
Will I be alone in the future?   Will I meet a man?  Will I get married?  Will I fall in love again?  I feel you haven't been looking. Other responsibilities have kept you from thinking of yourself.  Someone has their eyes on you. Someone you haven't considered. Someone new is coming into your life. Do the thing you enjoy most and you will find someone there.
Will I get married? Is that honestly what you desire? Yes – Then it will happen.  No – It is not very likely unless you decide otherwise. I don't see you putting any effort into it. When will I find true love? Have you been really looking?  Someone has already found you. You may not want them but they are there. You will fall in love again.
Someone has his or her eyes on you but you don’t see them. Is he the one for me? Does he like me?
Will I travel?  Will I be able to travel?  Where will I travel? I see you traveling with a friend or relative.
How many children will I have? Will it be a boy or a girl? Will my children be successful? What will happen to my child?
Will we be able to keep the house? Will we be able to sell the house?
Will I be successful?  You have the brains and energy to succeed.  but you must overcome your fears of failure.  You have the grit. Do the thing.  That’s the power.  The harder you work the luckier you get. The world belongs to those who hustle. I see some education, training, or a certification.
What will be my future career?  Air Traffic Controller.  Retail Manager. Salesman. (Anybody can be a manager, really!) Nuclear Reactor Operator.
Am I well? You already know something that you must deal with, but I am optimistic.
How long will I live? No one knows how long we will live. It is not living which is of most importance but living well.  Living fully.  
Will I move?  I see two minds on this issue.
Will we sell the house? Yes, but you might need to change your realtor.
Is he playing games? He has not grown up yet. Is she or he seeing someone else?
Your personal responsibilities, at this time, unfortunately, are taking priority over romance.
Someone here is hurting. Who lost a loved one or friend? Is someone close not well?
Q&A wisdom Inspirational Quotes Maxims.  
To succeed we must travel in the direction of our fears.  The obstacle is the way. 
One should never regret a generous error.  George Bernard Shaw
You don't have to like it you just have to do it. DWL
It is not living which is of most importance but living well.  Plato
"It is not how old you are, but how you are old." Jules Renard
Don't let the old man in. Clint Eastwood
I'll stop working when they stop calling. Jerry Stiller
Don’t ask what the meaning of life is, but what gives life meaning.
If you want to make God laugh just tell him your plans.
The only Zen you’ll find at the top of the mountain is the Zen you bring up with you.
All that glitters is not gold.
We all want money but we generally don't talk about how to make it. Focus on making a dollar not saving it.
Our plans for the future descend from the past. Marcus Aurelius
How precious, above all wealth, is good counsel?  Antigone.
The grass may be greener on the other side of the fence, but it still needs mowing.
How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the causes of it.   -Marcus Aurelius
Comparison is a thief of joy, and jealousy is often its partner in crime.
"Life is a game that must be played." “Life, unfortunately, is politics.”
Fear is powerful.  It can stop everything.  Do the thing.  That’s the power. This is a time of opportunity. Do not fear the next step. The Obstacle is the way.
There is no security on this earth. There is only opportunity.
Love and hunger make the world.
The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
There is truth in wine.
Unhappiness is less difficult, isn't it?
Being brave means not scaring others.
I wouldn't defend myself in court or remove my own appendix, but perhaps I could tell you something about yourself, your character, challenges, worries, goals, hopes, and dreams.


When you were growing up you felt more comfortable with adults. It's easier for you to relate to them. You're an old soul.
Somebody who you thought was a friend has not been so friendly lately.
There is someone in your life your parents disapprove of.  They are not as bad for you as they think.
You are not appreciated intellectually.  Friends and family can be so critical.
You are not getting along with your parents right now, perhaps mostly with your Mom.

I was going to pick you but you may have been thinking. "I hope to hell he doesn't pick me."
Most of everything I say tonight is true.
Now, I have been watching you … not stalking you.
Do you know that the longer you stare into somebody's eyes the more chance there is of falling in love?
I'm not one of those # metoo kinds of guys. I'm more like #whynot me?
If you believe in psychokinesis raise my hand. Very Good!
Don’t listen to people who claim to have all the answers. They’re egotists, narcissists, demagogues, sociopaths, mental patients, pundits, politicians and talk show hosts.
How many people believe in Past Lives? That they lived before? Good to have you back!
I am both psychic and telepathic.  I’m psychopathic.
On the way over here I saw a sign. It said, "Psychic Convention, you know where you know when".
I thank my lucky stars I don't believe in astrology.
Well, you can't win them all.
You heard about the woman who was looking for the perfect man. She found him; unfortunately, he was looking for the perfect women.  
Yes I've studied body language. I use the Braille method.
This man relates best to women in a non-verbal manner.  He uses the Braille method.
I'm a Taurus.  We don’t believe in that crap!
Telepathy is minding someone else's business.
If it’s New York tell them to sell. If that’s my wife tell her I’m doing a show.
Did you get my text message?
Do you believe in coincidences? So do I!
Bring half as many clothes and twice as much money.
Retirement is half as much money and twice as much husband.
Nine out of the last five recessions were predicted by economists
Reincarnation: Been there, done that. I used to believe in Reincarnation.  But that was in a past life.
I'm not sure I believe in reincarnation, but I didn't take any chances. In my will, I left everything to myself.
They came to scoff they stayed to pray.  They came to Jeer and stayed to cheer.
I spent five thousand dollars on a reincarnation seminar.  I figure you only live once.
There are three kinds of people in the world, those who can count and those who can't.
He asked me to read his mind.  I said, "You're O.K., but how am I?"
Looking at hand "I don't see anything past Thursday."  
Psychic Pharmacist - "You're here for a suppository. No, I'm here for feminine protection products. Well, I was close!"
Occasionally I get an item from a young man that he has bought in a drugstore but will probably never use.
Your chances of winning the lottery are the same whether you buy a ticket or not.
It's a gift.
I believe in Non Verbal communication.  When I was growing up my parents didn’t talk for 20 years.
I was an idealist until reality mugged me.  I'd studied much and lived little.
The difference between a cynic and skeptic is that the cynic has all the information.
A Lady that I know believed in perception before birth. She has a memory of going to a picnic with her father and leaving with her mother.

A lot of us know better, but we don’t do better.
Ignorance on fire beast genius on ice.
The world belongs to those who hustle. The harder we work the luckier we get.
We are only immortal for a limited time.
Change is psychological pain.
It takes two to be telepathic.
There is no gift of prophecy.
We often think wisely and act foolishly.
To get a friend, be a friend.  You have to reach out.
Is it not better to aim for the moon and hit an eagle than to aim for an eagle and hit a rock? Don't aim low.
The Hindus believe there are many paths to enlightenment but they all involve a discipline.
Some people die at 25, but they don't bury them until they are 75. Don't die before you die.
This is what Psychics do.  For myself, I claim nothing except being a student of human nature.
I use the five senses to give the impression of the sixth.
I do believe that if the mind of man can conceive of something, believe in it then he can achieve it if they try. 
Glen Eden: If I’d known more about this place I wouldn’t have dressed!
It’s good to be back at Glen Eden.  I always hope for a summer date.  You and your thoughts are more revealing.

If I didn't get to your question please come up to me after the performance and ask me directly.  You can email a question to mindreader@gmail.com An email address you'll never forget. You have witnessed what appears to be mindreading and psychic ability.  I wish to leave you as critical thinkers and not gullible believers. "The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled."  It has been a privilege to have this small insight into such brightly burning spirits. Thank you for your attention. I’m David Winston.

You have a strong need for other people to like you and for them to admire you.  You have a tendency to be critical of yourself.  You have a great deal of energy, which you have not yet turned completely to your advantage.  While you have some weaknesses' you are generally able to compensate for them. Disciplined and controlled on the outside, you tend to be worrisome on the inside.  At times, you have serious doubts as to whether you have made the right decision or done the right thing.  You prefer a certain amount of change and variety and become dissatisfied when hemmed in by restrictions and limitations.  You pride yourself on being an independent thinker and do not accept other opinions without satisfactory proof.  You have found it unwise to be too frank in revealing yourself to others.  At times, you are extroverted, affable, and sociable, while at other times you are introverted, wary, and reserved.  Some of your aspirations can be unrealistic but it's better to shoot for the moon and hit an eagle.

Psychometry Readings
HANDS - This vibrates to a person of many abilities. One who can do almost anything and do it well.  However, like so many people of many talents and dreams, she really seems to attempt too many things and thus saps her energies.  However, she is fortunate in having the will to combine her energies and direct them toward one goal.  In this, she is being and will be successful.  This is yours and with abilities like yours, you can make any wish come true.  You are very fortunate.

CAVE - Twice in the past I see you in a great shadow. You're sitting at the threshold of the cave of eternity.  Twice you rise and turn as if to enter.  Twice by the strength of your own will, you are forced back.  It might have been a serious illness, accident or strong negative influence in the past - but it was very close.  Then the cave disappears and there is the warmth and the golden rays of sunlight.  Right now you are worried about a matter which isn't quite as important as you think it is.  Also, it's not a matter for you to decide.  I can tell you this much.  You're going to be happy about the way it turns out.  The road of your future life is clear, and the green lights are all with you. Good luck. DARK  CLOSET

CHARM - This vibrates to a person of great charm and sophistication. One who enjoys the company of other people with the result that other people instinctively like her. Plus she has splendid qualities for leadership and organization. She is almost always successful in her undertakings because of those qualities and for the reason that others enjoy cooperating with her. The past has not been without its difficulties, one of them particularly painful and ominous. Behind the smile is some sadness. But, the future is brilliant.  This item vibrates to you. (Pause) Is it yours? JEFFERSON BUST

TEARING PAPER - As I get the vibration I also sense the tearing or crumpling of paper.  Within a short time, probably a few days, you will get a paper, maybe an email, or a text which will make you exceedingly happy.  It has a direct bearing on your life and will bring you elation mingled with relief.  There is also going to be an opportunity that opens up to you and when it does remember the age-old saying that "Opportunity knocks but once.  You have the capacity for good, sound judgment and will be guided by this in either accepting or rejecting this opportunity. BOOKCASE

BRANCHING ROAD - I see two people walking down a narrow road. On this road, they seem quite happy. Suddenly the road branches and a wide branch runs to the right, a narrow branch to the left. There is confusion.  But then a third person enters the picture and points the way. When I see a picture like that I can only interpret it to mean that through something you personally have done a force for good has entered your life that will remain with you to guide, direct and protect you. You may not even realize it now but it will become more and more apparent to you as time goes on. You are singularly fortunate. This is yours, isn't it? PANDA ART

CYCLE - I am of the impression that you are about to enter a new cycle of Life.  You have already passed through three cycles.  One of them was very good. The other two were not all bad but neither were they all good.  Now you are about to complete that third cycle and enter a fourth.   It's as though, to use an illustration that you are about to enter a beautiful home, furnished, as you've never seen anything furnished before.  All about you is beauty and riches, and something that even gold cannot buy, and that is real everlasting love: the love of some good person.  You will achieve a state of complete contentment such as you've never experienced before.  Personally, I think you are a pretty lucky person. BICYCLE ON BED

PROFESSIONAL - The vibrations tell me that here we have a person who very well could have gone into professional pursuits.  I suppose they could have been a doctor, dentist, or perhaps a lawyer.  You are accurate, and skilled with your hands, and would have risen to great heights in these fields.  It may even be that you are using their skill in some way now - perhaps in art or music, athletics? You are good-natured and help bring happiness to others.  Is this yours?

PSYCHIC - I feel a psychic note when I touch this item.  Does this item belong to you? Let me see your hands.  Ah, yes, the seldom-seen intuitive hand.  You could very easily succeed in the intuitive world.  Right now your mental perceptions, your intuitions, or "hunches" as some people call them, are much more highly developed than they are in most people.  You almost know what other people are thinking; saying and doing without being near them.  Frequently you can foretell a person's actions before that person himself knows what he's going to do.  It's a fortunate hand, too.  The heart is secure and I believe life will be long. MIRROR

Possible Gay Man - Can think like the opposite sex. Easy to connect with them. Somewhat psychic. Intuitive. 

Larsen Palm Reading
"You wish a reading?  You realize I hope, that I do not claim to be a psychic. Everything I do and everything I tell you results from perfectly natural means. I would be the last one to designate palmistry as any kind of science, much less exact science.  It is difficult for me to see how it would be possible for the lines in the hands to tell anything of the past, present, or future. But it is a fascinating subject and I have thoroughly enjoyed making a study of it.  Let's see what those people who have devoted their lives to studying it and writing books about it would have to say of your hands.
"May I see both hands, please?  It used to be said that the left hand is the hand you're born with whereas the right is the one you make for yourself.  Many authorities disagree with such a categorical statement.   I am among that number.  If we can tell anything at all from the hand lines it is necessary to read them both and use one to check on the other.
"Ah, right away the heart line tells me an important fact about you.  Facts that have affected your entire life and will affect it even more as you get older.  But first, let me see if I can check that against anything else.  Yes. Yes, indeed.  Right here at this point in the headline, I can tell quite a bit more about it, but not all.  Perhaps I'd best find out about some of your traits and characteristics first.   It has been said that the hand is like a painting.  Some parts stand out and are easily noted.  But the entire painting in all of its vast detail must be studied if we are to be positively certain of the artist’s meanings.
"There is sadness in the hand; past sadness.  But there is also happiness and a strong will and determination to make things better in every way; to overcome obstacles that have seemed to stand between you and the things you want for yourself.  I seem to see a close approach to tragedy, too.  Three times tragedy has brushed against you, or against those you care for and whom you call your friends.
“Twice I see you in a great shadow. Whether those were physical dangers that beset you I cannot quite tell.  But it does seem that on at least two occasions you were close to the brink of eternity.   It almost looks like one was an accident, though perhaps both were severe illnesses.
"There are two other shadows of darkness, but these are mental struggles, worries -- almost complete emotional upsets although you probably weren't aware of it.  If you are still inclined to worry, you can go as the East Indians do: set apart one hour of every day for worry.  If you find yourself worrying at any other time say to yourself "This is not the time for it."   Soon you will find that you never worry.  It is a common and successful practice in India and I have used it myself successfully.
"Your hand shows you completing the third cycle of a full and eventful life.  For some reason, despite the facts depicted right here in your left hand, none of these cycles has been as good for you as it should be.  But the closing of the door on the third and the opening of the fourth is close at hand. It will involve a number of changes, all strongly to your benefit.
"I see no future tragedy; no immediate sorrow.   It could be that right at this point in the right hand that there is some unpleasantness, but it is not of long duration.  No, I should say that everything considered you have a very happy future in store for you.
“Among the more trivial things that I see is a trip which you will not relish taking but which will prove to be of immense value to you.  Also, within a few days you will receive a communication, which will stir you deeply, emotionally.  Another communication, which you will receive almost at the same time, will have a bearing on your economic situation and the news will be very welcome."
"I don't think there is much to be told from a person's lifeline alone.  It must be considered in light of all the other lines in a person's hand.  Your line is not as strong as it might be, despite its apparent length, but is strengthened by a protecting line and a good headline.  The latter is most important because it tells me that if trouble comes your way you will have the good judgment to consult immediately with the best physician you can find and follow his advice.  If you do this, and I can see that you will, and if you take good care of your physical and mental self from this time on yours will be a long, happy and prosperous life.

The S.C.A.M. Travel, Health, Expectations, Sex, Career, Ambitions and Money.
Does he love me? Is he married?
There are people around you who love you but have difficulty expressing it.
I see some back problems.
Played a musical instrument as a child.
Hair long when you were younger.
Wisdom is gained from hard experience, not book learning.
You have strong and vivid intuitive gifts.
I see someone in a uniform of some type.
In your younger years 
I get the impression of particular interest or subject you were very keen on, where you showed lots of promise.  I get a feeling that this was something on the creative or artistic side, but you were never able to fully develop. 
Dr. Q. Comments: And thus, you have seemingly witnessed mindreading. I might even say actually participated in some demonstration in mindreading. However, please don't believe them. Not that I especially wish to arouse questions as to the feasibility of mindreading itself as a fact, but merely that I would much prefer to leave you as a group of critical thinkers than as a group of gullible believers.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Adventures on the Pacific Crest Trail Talk - 11 AM This Saturday the 10th of March at the Descanso Library

Fellow Adventures,

I'll be giving my "Adventures on the Pacific Crest Trail" talk this Saturday at 11 AM at the Descanso Branch Library. Please join me to hear about this fabulous adventure.

On August 22nd, 2016, Dana Law finished the 2650 mile "Pacific Crest Trail", making 31 separate journeys over 13 years.  Dana tells all about this magnificent and challenging adventure. Discover its secrets, hear the stories, and see the pictures and video of this amazing journey that spans the entire west coast of America, and learn what it takes to travel long distances self-contained.  The Pacific Crest Trail story is something you will want to hear.

Friday, March 17, 2017

My Facebook page for my "Adventures on the Pacific Crest Trail" talks and posts is here. Please follow me.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

An inspiring sight on the trail south of Rainy Pass. #PacificCrestTrail

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I have some talks coming up before the end of the year. Please join me for the latest pictures, videos and stories about the trail. Please recommend my talks to a friend. 

Ramona Branch Library October 1, 2:30pm – 4:00pm

Santee Public Library October 8th 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association November 25, 7:30 PM 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We made it! We've finished the Pacific Crest Trail to the Northern Terminus at the Canadian Border.

On August 14th I began my last leg of the Pacific Crest Trail.  I joined Bill Redman, the man I started the trail with on May 27th, 2003 for the final 120 miles to the Northern Terminus at the Canadian border.  We flew together to Seattle to meet Luke Reinsma whom we'd both met in hikes along the way.  He drove us nearly three hours to the remote trail-head where we left the trail a year ago because of fires.  Luke hoped to join us for a day on the trail but was under the weather.  We missed our good friend's conversation and knowledge of flora and fauna.  We remembered the 7 or so miles to the PCT as mostly flat or rolling trail, but we were wrong.  There was a lot of gain in altitude. Glad it was a short day.

I've been asked many times before this trip, "What's next?"  Frankly, I don't know.  I do have a feeling of inertia.  I've been moving north in this fabulous adventure for so long I know I'll do another long trail; when and where, not sure.  I do know for me it's not about being in nature, which is fine and astoundingly beautiful. I don't hike to find peace in the wilderness.  The only Zen you’ll find at the top of the mountain is the Zen you bring up with you.  It's the adventure and the challenge that drives me, a feeling of accomplishment, learning you have the grit, drive, discipline and dream to pull off something this big. 

Before we hit the trail Luke said, "I've never filtered water up here and never had a problem, but don't take my advice." We did take his advice with the exception of a few streams that horses and llamas had visited and have had no problems.

The next day, August 15, included a big climb, about 3600 feet in 11 miles, the biggest gain in altitude for the whole section.  We were exhausted by the end of the day.  We crossed our first log bridge at Miner's Creek.  We didn't expect to meet any through-hikers on this trip, but much to our amazement we were passed by Sweet Virginia and Grey Squirrel.  These were among the fastest through-hikers on the trail. Sweet Virginia was a young lady but Grey Squirrel must have been 65. My motto is, "Exercise is the closest thing to the Fountain of Youth."  It has proved true for me and many others.  Bill and I were exhausted after the first full day on the trail.  It had the biggest continuous climb of the whole trip. The trail started to open up and we got some grand and lovely views

The next day was 14 miles downhill to Stehekin, but it didn't feel much easier.  We ran into trail legend Billy Goat who was doing a  "Three Legged Hike". Imagine if your will hiking for a little while, putting down your pack, hiking back in the direction from which you just came for a little while, hiking back to your pack, picking up your pack and repeat.  What a unique fellow.  He's 77 and has logged roughly 35,000 miles.  I've seen him 3 times on the trail and Bill has seen him twice.  He loves to be recognized. He is famous for saying, "The Pacific Crest Trail is 2650 miles long but only this wide," holding his hands out about 2 feet apart.  We're big fans. As we left he put his hand on Bill's shoulder and said, "Walking is life."  A moment of of Zen with Billy Goat.

Near the end of that day we ran into a Grandpa hiking with two teenage grandkids. They were out of water and wanted to know if they'd be fine without it to their campsite 5 miles futher.  I said, "Go back to the river behind you and fill up now."  They only had one Nalgene bottle each.  I carry enough bottles for 5 liters, and Bill 3.  Water is life on the trail.

We were pretty beat up when we got to the High Bridge Ranger station and the road to Stehekin.  
We took the 10-mile bus ride to Stehekin and got our first dose of the Stehekin Pastry Company along the way - delicious.  The claim is that Stehekin is the most remote town in the United States.  It might be a Chamber of Commerce brag but it must be close to the truth.  No roads lead there.  A 4 hour ride on the "Lady of the Lake" brings you there from Chelan. You can fly in on a seaplane, take a fast boat, hike or ride a horse in.  That's it.  It is beautiful.  Situated on the north end of Lake Chelan and walled by steep mountains, it's a stunning location.  As soon as we got off the bus we picked up our resupply boxes, the only ones of the trip, from the cutest post office manned by a gray-haired senior postmaster wearing an eye patch.  A long term resident retired from contracting, he quipped, "This is my old man job."  He couldn't have been more helpful.  He directed me to a secret power plug to recharge my devices.  We showered, replenished our food and supplies and got a permit for camping the next day at what has to be the most beautiful Ranger station, old, huge, originally a hotel now restored.  We lounged and ate slowly on the patio of the North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin that night. While the society was very good and the service was delightful, the food was terrible.  Any real hotel or food chain in this great country would be a vast improvement.  I've had a feeling for a long time that the concessions in National Parks have gone to the wrong companies.  They get the contract on the lowest bid then do as little as possible to squeeze out the biggest profit.  They have good people, but they are poorly led and poorly supported.   Although there was a lot of good talk with hikers on the porch, the privately owned "Ranch at Stehekin" would have been a better choice.  Two people in town, a bus driver and bakery worker, were former PCT through-hikers.

The next morning, August 17, camping permit in hand - the only one needed for this section - we took the bus to High Bridge Ranger station and walked north.  With a stop at the Pastry Company we were ready.  You always hope for a gentle climb on a hike, and this one was that.
We passed Howard Lake, formerly known as  Coon Lake.   We'd heard that Washington State commission had investigated the names history and changed it.  My knee jerk reaction was political correctness overreach.  I was wrong. "Coon Lake" was a pejorative for an African American miner who'd lived there in the late 1800's.  It was a good idea to change the name.  We ran into a lady on the trail who swam in it. "Once you got out beyond the lily pads it was great," she said.

It's always nice to see signs so you know you're headed in the right direction.  Homestretch passed us that day.  Gotta love trail names.  There were few huckleberries this year, even though there are usually more at higher altitudes.  I like snacking on them but only found a few worth eating.  Two hiking groups we passed saw bears today.  I've only seen one in 2650 miles but I'm sure many have seen me.  We saw several groups and families that were unfit, unprepared, overweight and overloaded.  Several looked like the peddler in the movie Labyrinth.  I salute them for being on the trail, but I hope their experience doesn't put them off hiking.

We camped at Six Mile Camp, off trail a bit.  It's dispiriting to have to climb up to a campsite after a long, hard day. As I started to set up my tent, I heard a nearby tree with a split on the trunk making cracking noises.  I moved my tent to another part of camp and hoped it wouldn't fall in the night.  Luckily, it didn't. I tied my permit to a tree nearby and forgot to take it with us the next morning.  Hope I don't get fined for littering!  Overnight a full moon made me think I'd overslept again.  A weird experience: So bright outside you're sure it's past sunrise.  Late that night while we were snug in our tents, Scout Troop 120 walked into camp.  The next morning before dawn, the Scout leader, an experienced hiker, questioned me extensively about my gear, experiences, and opinions about hiking as we packed up in the dark.  I rarely meet people who ask more questions than I do and are good listeners. This guy, a grandfather, some of his Scout grand kids in tow, was the apotheosis.

Leaving camp that morning, we met Brave Hamster, a through-hiker going south at Rainy Pass who had cut her foot.  She said, "I was hoping for a 30- mile day with my friends but decided to go to Mazama to have it looked at."  A pack train of Llamas passed us; we found out later that they were support for a PCT trail crew.  Quite a sight.  We ran into Peanut and her dog at Cutthroat Pass.  We'd heard of her. She had ridden her bicycle from Portland to San Diego to start the trail, but stopped in the Sierra for some reason.  She fell in love with a Pit Bull pup in Portland, and was walking south with it.  Sweet young lady.

Dramatic views, twists, climbs and switchbacks today.  We found a good stream to fill up our bottles before continuing to the PCT Trail camp at mile 2598.  The trail volunteers had done yeoman work on a gravelly, rock-slide-prone and shifting portion of the trail.  We found their large camp and camped with these civic minded people, most of whom are age 50 and above.  After some talk at dinner I did a magic show for them.  It was the best room I've ever worked, and it was at 6200 feet! Bill had some of their spaghetti and pronounced it the best he'd ever had.  When I asked the trail chef how many children he had, he said, "I don't know."  Hilarious! 

The next day brought us trail art that lifted our spirits. Over the years hikers have marked the important mileages as 1000, 1500 and 2000 on the trail with sticks and rocks.  Seeing "2600" meant a lot.  Thinking of the old Western movies and TV show I thought that hikers are some of the only people today who can say, "I'll meet you at the Pass," and mean it. 

I found myself working on my Northern Terminus speech out loud, musing that long distance hiking can be boring at times.  Bill disagreed.  At one point he said, "Have your ever seen a person who wasn't happy on the trail?"  I'm always happy, but long hours of trudging can be tedious. Sassafras and Rock Peddler passed us going south.  Walking north we ran into 7 ladies heading south from Hart's Pass.  When they asked me where the next water was, I said, "You just passed it."  One of them said, "I told you so."  They turned 180° and followed us to a camp with a spring.  After setting up camp they invited us to enjoy appetizers with them.  They were all athletic. After raising families and husbands they had continued a yearly tradition of a good multi-day hike together.  What a lovely and interesting group of professional women.

Wind in the trees can sound just like a running creek. We needed water at one point and thought we heard it.  When we looked up to see still trees we knew we had found water.

Hart's pass has a guard cabin. Patti (in uniform) and her husband (a retired ranger) staff it.  He warned us about filtering our water for at least ten more miles.  A herd of horses had been ahead of us and "spoiled" the creeks.  We didn't filter any water on the trip except that section.  Hart's pass, though it's a dirt road, is the very last road in the United States before the Canadian border.  I don't know exactly why it felt monumental to me, but it did. 

I got a big congratulatory hug from Bill before Rock Pass in the "Alpine Meadows".  He was bursting with happiness.  He has credited me for starting him on this addicting adventure, but I credit him for turning me into an experienced hiker.

A through-hiker at Rock Pass said to me, "Do you know the bus schedule at Manning Park?" Random trail talk.  We ran into some dead trees past Rock Pass and at the Northern Terminus.  It appears to be the Bark Beetle that has ravished our forests in the southwest.  A sad sight.  After Rock Pass you go way down and have a tough climb up to Woody Pass.  I mistakenly called it Windy Pass in this video.  You'll see why when you watch.  Those mountains are almost directly west from the trail and are stunning.  I met a guy from Switzerland, whose name I think was G, who appeared to be very clean.  He said, "That's because my pants are the color of dirt!"   Bill speculated, "These mountains must be like they are in Switzerland."  G replied, "Yes, you'll see them for a few days like this when walking in my country.  Here it goes on for weeks."  There were lot's of twists and turns on the trail today, big ups and downs, a steep and narrow corkscrew trail with plenty of big drops and slippery gravel.  We moved slowly and carefully.  Our last night on the trail we camped at Hopkins's Lake.  We filtered water from the lake with CC, 2% and Breeze. 

August 22.  We had about 6 miles to go that last day.  It rained lightly up to the terminus and then stopped.  I put on my rain jacket for only the second time in 2650 miles and used my umbrella for the first time.  Two Pack passed us, literally carrying two backpacks, front and back!  Very interesting guy.  We spent some time with him later in Manning Park over dinner.

It felt good to come into the Terminus. I was excited to be finishing.  A lady ran up to us, showing a picture on her phone and asked if we'd seen her husband on the trail.  We had, and 30 minutes later she surprised him when he arrived.  The same thing happened with the parents and sister of another hiker.  They'd all hiked in the previous day to meet their families.  That's a big commitment.  It's nine miles of trail from Manning Park.  We had been looking at pictures of the monument for years but nothing clears things up like being there. I've said for years, "You never know until you go." All the planning never completely prepares you for the ground truth.  The Terminus is in a valley completely in the wilderness.  There are no border stations, patrols or roads.  We had all our papers authorizing us to cross into Canada and no one to check them.  The monument matches the recently renovated one at the southern terminus which faces east. There's a narrow swath of ground cut from the trees going east and west from the Terminus up both mountain sides.  I found out later that the entire length of the US-Canada border is marked by a 20-foot-wide slash through the trees. 

I made a final video statement that I'd been working on for days.  Please watch it and turn up the volume.  I was able to sum up all of my feelings about finishing the trail.  We met Saint Harbor, a 24 year old, who said he'd completed the trail in 91 days.  He was concerned about funding the hike. I asked him how he saved money, and he said, "hike fast" which makes sense.  Bill broke out a  mini celebratory Tequila.  We shared it with Saint Harbor and he said, "Shall I waterfall it?"  He meant, "Shall I pour it into my mouth without touching my lips to the bottle so we won't share a cold."  Love a new amusing phrase. 

We hiked the last 9 miles into Manning Park and enjoyed some time with other hikers. My wife had planned to pick us up there the next morning (sensibly not being one to hike 9 miles from Manning Park to the Terminus) but her flight was delayed.   Bill and I wound up taking a 3AM Greyhound into Vancouver.

This was a fulfilling end to a grand adventure.  I had no bittersweet feelings about it ending, and have not yet thought about future hikes. My final video sums up my feelings.  Please watch it and thank you for following along.

See you on the trail,
Dana Law

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I now have a Facebook page for my "Adventures on the Pacific Crest Trail" You can see new posts, watch recent talks and follow my next and final journey to the Canadian Border starting August 14th. I'll be updating my location during the trip via my InReach Satellite Communicator.